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A Visit to See Father Christmas and his Surprisingly Cute Reindeer

A mini trip out to give Father Christmas a high-five and see his Reindeer and Helpers.

Reindeer Are Surprisingly Cute Gilded Gingerbread

In the small town in which I live, there is a big garden centre. It is called Trebaron Garden Center. It sells all the usual stuff along with a small pet section and cafe. They often host events at special times of the year.  Last year we went to their Halloween night.  My daughter and son absolutely loved it.  My daughter won second prize for her costume!


Last weekend was the start of their Christmas season and they held a special event to celebrate. Father Christmas was there with his Reindeer and Helpers. Last year, everyone I knew from my daughter’s class went there, but, we couldn’t go. I made sure we went this time.

Reindeer Are Surprisingly Cute Gilded Gingerbread

It was supposed to start at 11am and I knew it was going to be busy so we arrived around 10:40. There were no parking spaces left in their car park as well as on the road outside of the garden centre! My husband had to drop us off and go and find somewhere to park down the road. There were so many people in the garden centre.

Father Christmas, his Reindeers and Helpers turned up on time and passed us in a parade. My daughter and my 2 year old son were amazed. After the parade, all the helpers were dancing around to Christmas songs. My son had a chance to stroke a reindeer and he gave Father Christmas a high-five! He was really excited!

Reindeer Are Surprisingly Cute Gilded Gingerbread

We met up my daughter’s friend from her school and his parents. He had tickets to meet Father Christmas in his Grotto. I asked my daughter last week if she was interested in meeting him but she said she wasn’t. Of course she changed her mind when she found out her friend was going to meet him. I went off to buy a ticket but they were all sold out. She wasn’t happy about that even though I asked her a week ago!


We ended up staying for nearly two hours while the kids watched the reindeer and danced to Christmas songs. We all had a lovely time.

It is not December yet but I’m already starting to feel Christmassy. I might have to make some mince pies!


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