Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review

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Pesto Trafford Centre Review

Food 4/5, Value 5/5, Atmosphere 4/5, Kid Friendly 5/5

We often go to the Trafford Centre on weekends. It is a huge shopping mall outside of Manchester. It takes only 25 minutes by car without traffic. Almost all of the Trafford Centre is indoors, so, it is perfect for my family to go there anytime even though it is rainy or freezing cold.

It rains a lot where I live. Manchester is the wettest city in the UK! I am from Daegu which is the driest place in South Korea and now I live in the wettest place in the UK. My life is getting so much better? Haha.

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I have two kids, 2 years old and 7 years old. It is easier to go around and have something to eat and do some activities in a big shopping mall. There are lots of restaurants in the Trafford Centre, mostly chains with some better than others. I cook all the time during the week so I need a break on weekends. ^^

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review

My daughter’s favourite restaurant in the Trafford Centre is Pesto. She often asks if we can go there. I like it as the prices are reasonable, it has a perfect kids menu (no chicken nuggets or baked beans!), delicious food and a nice atmosphere. There must be over one hundred artworks hanging on the walls and some of the tables look out at the pretty atrium of the Orient food court.

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review

My son’s 2nd Birthday meal. My daughter chose for him.

My children love cheesy pasta, so they always order Penne Burro (penne pasta tossed in butter) with fresh parmesan, a drink and ice cream for dessert. Not bad, is it? This time, my daughter ordered Bolognese pasta instead.

[My daughter] “I love Bolognese not cheesy pasta!”  

[Me]  “Since when? You always like cheesy pasta?”

[My daughter] “Cheesy pasta is only for babies!”

She has suddenly changed her taste! She may have developed her taste now as she gets older? In that case, I should start giving her spicy kimchi!


We ordered the Kids’ menu first as soon as we arrived in the restaurant. We arrived around 1:30, so, they were pretty hungry by then. My children go crazy when they are hungry…. It is definitely from me.

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review

They don’t serve big portions in Pesto. Even though it is an Italian restaurant, it has more of a tapas style.  You are encouraged to order 2-3 dishes, more if you are me . My husband and I ordered 3 dishes each and some bread. Alongside the usual menu they have two day menus where you can order 3 dishes for £8.99 or £10.99. The £8.99 menu tends to have pasta and pizza whereas the £10.99 menu is a little more substantial.

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review

I ordered fettuccine carbonara, spaghetti bolognese and lasagne from the £8.99 menu. My husband ordered fettuccine carbonara, Italian sausage with peppers and potatoes and roasted chicken wings also from the £8.99 menu. The food was served within about 15 minutes which wasn’t bad considering how busy the restaurant was.


Every dish was very tasty, the pasta was al dente, the chicken was juicy and spicy, and the Italian sausage was just lovely. It had a hint of fennel and went so well with the peppers and potatoes. The bread basket consisted of six slices of assorted bread. Some plain, some tomato and some olive.  Every slice was incredibly fresh and delicious. I mopped up my pasta sauce with every slice. Yum!

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review
My children finished their dinner just as we were getting served with ours. They ordered a vanilla ice cream and a strawberry ice cream. I had a taste of both and they were fabulous. Very similar to gelato with real vanilla and strawberries. No cheap kids ice cream.  I would be very happy if I ordered it. Having said that, we didn’t eat any dessert! It is too much effort to wait for a dessert and enjoy it when you have young company.

On the way out of the Trafford Centre, they of course wanted to go to Namco Funscape (in The Orient food court) where there are lots of rides and game machines. It’s fun in there but it’s very difficult to pull my kids out when it’s time to go.

Pesto Trafford Centre Manchester Gilded Gingerbread Review


DIY Kimchi Kit

Next time you are in the Trafford Centre I recommend you try Pesto. The dishes are tasty and it is pretty cheap to go there if you order from the day time menus (they even have them on the weekend). Even if you order from the ordinary menu, the prices are pretty reasonable. Also, kids love the food there too!


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