Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

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Kimbap and Kimchi Demos at Korea Day in Sheffield

I’ve been teaching cooking classes and giving cookery demos for quite a while now, but when the Korea Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) contacted me out of the blue to do a Kimbap making event and give a kimchi demo at the Korea Day in Sheffield festival, I was thrilled and agreed to it straight away. The event was the Korea Day in Sheffield festival which was held for the first time by the KCCUK and Sheffield University on March 11th.

It is a popular festival, full of traditional Korean performances, K-pop performances, a Korean Makeup Event as well as lots of food. Over the course of the day I hosted two Kimbap Sessions which lasted about 40 minutes each and then I showed how to make authentic Kimchi and afterwards had a kimchi themed Q&A with the audience.

Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

As you may know, I recently started a Kimchi company (https://www.lovekimchi.co.uk). The KCCUK kindly let me have a stall at the festival. I made Cucumber Kimchi, Classic Kimchi, White Kimchi and Radish Kimchi. My husband looked after the stall in the same part of the hall I was doing the events. ^^

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Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

Sheffield University also holds a Japan Day one day before Korea Day. It was the third Japan Day they have organised and about 280 people came. They were expecting the same amount for the Korea day. Surprisingly, about 420 people came to Korea Day. I think that the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and K-pop made more people interested in Korea!   

Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

The main auditorium was packed and there was a proper party kind of atmosphere. Most people were in their twenties and more interested in the music than the food. Unfortunately, I was in a separate room behind the main hall. The organisers put me there because the main hall was noisy with performances and people wouldn’t be able to hear my voice. About 100 people came to my three events.

Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

The timetable was as follows:.

12:30 – 13:10 Kimbap Making Event

13:40 – 14:20 Kimbap Making Event

15:00 – 16:00 Kimchi Demo

Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

DIY Kimchi Kit

We limited the number of the people who could join in each event at 12 due to the available space. Far more people came each event, so, lots of people watched. If you want to check my kimbap and vegan kimchi recipes, click these links,



Throughout the day, a few people came over to chat and told me that they were my blog followers! Several older couples told me that their children were living in South Korea teaching English. Two of them told me that there son and daughter were living in my hometown, Daegu! My husband and I chatted to them about the places they had visited in Korea and Korean food. After my Kimchi demo, a pensioner came up to me and said,“Thank you very much for coming to Sheffield! It is really nice meeting you.” Omg. I might have to move to Sheffield!

Love Kimchi Korea Day in Sheffield

For Love Kimchi, it was a great success. Almost everyone who came to see my kimbap and kimchi demos bought some kimchi or a DIY Kimchi Kit. My husband and I were really pleased. One customer who came to my event and bought my kimchi AND a DIY Kimchi Kit has written some lovely reviews on my Love Kimchi Facebook page saying, ‘really good and real Kimchi !!! If U guys like Kimchi and want the real thing than this is the place !!!!! one of a kind in UK !!!’ and ‘couldn’t stop my self … omg …. this one is even better than the last one 😭 …. thanks so much for the recipe !!!! Yep had it with ramyun for my lunch 😋’. Thank you very much Nozomi. You are awesome. As she is the first person to leave a review, I have promised her free kimchi next time we meet up.

Thank you very much to everyone who came to my demos. I really do appreciate you all coming to learn about Korean food and it was sooooooo lovely to meet Gilded Gingerbread followers in person. I very much hope to meet more of you at my upcoming events.

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