Halloween Chocolate Tart

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There’s still time to whip up some spooky dishes for your Halloween party with my 4 Easy Halloween Recipes!

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4 Easy Halloween Recipes

Halloween Kimbap (Korean Sausage and Egg Nori Seaweed Rice Roll) 할로윈김밥

My daughter’s new favourite recipe. Halloween Kimbap! Enjoy this quick and easy Kimbap with your children or just for yourself! It is perfect for lunchboxes, bento boxes and Halloween parties!

Halloween Kimbap


Easy Halloween Witches Brownie

My fudgy, moist Halloween Witches Brownie Recipe. Great for using up your leftover newt eyes and frogs teeth! Halloween is next week! This is perfect for your Halloween party. It is easy, delicious, funky, colourful and most importantly, chocolatey. Yum!

Halloween Brownie

Spooky Easy Halloween No Bake Bloody Chocolate Tart Recipe 노오븐 할로윈 초콜렛 타트 레시피

Chocolate ganache on an Oreo crumb base with a bloodcurdling caramel middle. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Chocolate Tart

Easy Halloween Cookies and Cream Cake 쉽게 만드는 할로윈 쿠키 앤 크림 케익

My easy Halloween Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe. Light vanilla sponge cake layered with fresh cream Oreo frosting. This cake is sooo creamy and delicious your little monsters will be back for seconds. And thirds!!!

Halloween Cookies and Cream Cake




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